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Ego ergo sum


Alopecia inducida. Oil on canvas. 130 x 100 cm. 2010

Both in the History of Humanity and in personal history, the meeting with “Other one” has a determining role in the formation of the human being, on both a group and individual level.

The preparatory step for this meeting is the “Intimacy”, the place supposedly where the internal forum is shaped. Authors like J. L. Prado and, fundamentally, his work " The intimacy " have served me as the basis for the approximation to this concept.

This intimacy, this loneliness, is where the "person" is " more human " ( Ortega y Gasset). But also I defend the concept of " attention in condition of distraction " from W. Benjamin, the idea of this loss of "absorption".

I use as a metaphor the idea of the toilet (in spanish retrete, place of retirement) in order to express this change -how the bathroom, close to the introspection and concentration typical of the 19th century or of Tanizaki's traditional Japanese toilet, has passed to be a place of conformation of the mask, in the most frivolous and superficially possible term.

This idea of the “mask” as a superficial presentation of " What you want me to be" is intimately related to the conformation of the alter ego, today so exposed to the public in such social networks as Flicker, Facebook, etc.

In this serie of works I painted "portraits" giving a lot of importance to the pose -people posing in front of the mirror or the webcam. I work with the composition of the mask and its exhibition. The people that I portray look directly at the spectator, confusing the ideas of looking and of posing, creating an ambiguous image.


Ego ergo sum . Oil on canvas. 195 x 130 cm. 2010


488 amigos . Oil on canvas. 195 x 130 cm. 2010


Cheshire. Oil on canvas. 195 x 130 cm. 2010


Yo también leo a Schopenhauer . Oil on canvas. 195 x 130 cm. 2010


Ego ergo sum II . Oil on canvas. 30 x 60 cm. 2011

489 amigos . Oil on canvas. 30 x 60 cm2011