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"Encoding". Installation. Work created during the AIR program in MAC (Museo Arte Contemporáneo Gas Natural Fenosa). 2013

Encoding is the brain's ability to transform information into items that can be stored and recovered during the evocation process.


The memory of a complete experience consists of fragments of memories that are stored in different regions of the brain. Thanks to hippocampus who recompose stored memories, these pieces of information are reunited from these different parts.

In this recovery process, the brain reinterprets and modifies the memory, so the more times something is remembered the difference between the original memory and the current memory become greater.

This series of works refers to the process of recovery and how the past may not be exactly as we remember it, that is, our idyllic conception of the past is unreliable.

In this installation, as in other examples of my previous work, I started with a vintage object to fragment and then suspend the parts in the air by fishing lines, creating rhythms that are remanisant of smoke pattens. In this case I have included the recall process. Thereby, the memory is fragmented and reassembled again in a new memory, with modifications and with parts that do not fit correctly.