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Fragmented memories

Fragmented memories . Video installation 300 x 75 x75 cm. 1:36 minutes

The memory of a complete experience consists of fragments of memories that are stored in different regions of the brain. Evoking, these bits of information are reunited from different parts thanks to hippocampus who recompose stored memories.

In this recovery the brain reinterprets and modifies the memory, so the more times is remembered most is the difference between the original and the current memory. In this way, the doubt of a real relationship between memory and reallity is bigger everytime we remember. Our memories can be our memories or simplely inductions of our later experiences.

In this work I have fragmented and suspended an old television. But unlike previous work this TV still works. I have designed a system of mirrors that reflect on the fragments of the TV an image projected by a projector hidden in the base of the sculpture. Thus, it create an illusion of performance. I used an old Super 8 video and edited it fragmenting the original video in 12 different to fit with the fragments of the screen .