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Fragmented memories II

Fragmented memories II. Video installation 150 x150 x150 cm.

This series of sculptures combine my two current lines of work, the one dedicated to the memory fragmentation and the one focused on theories of the holographic universe and the holographic memory.

In this case I chosed an object that I have worked previously with, objects obtained at flea markets and that are closely linked to memory. Thus, attempts to represent the information of the memory of an object orbiting around a black hole that marks the boundary between memory and forgetting.

This work belongs to the series holographic objects where I fragment objects into irregular pieces and I arrang them on a wooden structure that uniformly distributed them around a bright dark sphere placed in its nucleus. But it is itself a version of my previous piece "Fragmented memories" but this television will still work. To do this, I placed a projector inside of the central sphere, so it project a mapping video on the fragments of the screen, creating the illusion of operation.