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Photobooth, 2012

The Photobooth is another clear example of the realization of nostalgia for the past. These devices so popular in cities like Berlin or London show time and again this taste for the analog era, besides representing a curious phenomenon. All psychologists agree that within periods of depression or melancholy there are moments of euphoria, moments of high peaks. The Photobooth is, in my opinion, a metaphor for this, because the four moments of the shooting involve four separate moments of exhilaration and fun.

The action takes place in a Photobooth of cardboard, which refers to the playground. The viewer enters the cabin and performs the same action as in a traditional Photobooth. Inside the cabin, taking the place of the camera, the artist has created, with the help of a smartphone and an application that mimics the aesthetics of Photobooth, four photographic shots. Then he translate the photographs into the language of graphite, so that the final product is a strip of four pictures that replace the traditional analog photographs strip, so the dialogue between analog, digital and manual is fully evident in this show of love for the past.