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Ego ergo sum


Profile picture Libia . Oil on canvas. 80 x 80 cm. 2011

The meeting with the Other, with different people has always been a basic experience and universal in our species. Based on this meeting we forms part of our 
personality, understanding that like the sum of what we think we are and what we think others think of us. This personality is like a game of mirrors, variable, 
never fixed. From this idea make our characters.

It is precisely a key role in the formation of the toilet mirror. In others time or in cultures like Japan, was conceived as a personal retreat where the toilet could relax,read, meditate, etc. The previous personal search function, the interiority of the toilet is replaced in our society for a frivolous place to settle our mask, this being as literal as possible. Thus forming our Alter ego.

This exaltation of the self-image in our time comes to spectacular levels of public exhibitionism, higher even if possible, in social networks, as is the case, facebook,flickr, myspace, etc. The be-seen-on-one is the truth of seeing-the-other. And what intrusive Another one that's self, my portraits look in their own eyes that, in turn, are confused by the viewer, creating an internal cascading universe,internal bleeding, is the subject that I discovers that flight myself.

Throughout the history of art have been established in the general block works, both sculptures, paintings, etc. a series of poses more or less aware of an ideology that have shaped the personality of the individual. Today, we recognize social networking poses new ideology of renovated and that responds both to the previous idea as to the formation of the new communication network. The new catalog of preset positions refers to the new self-representation. This self-representation is loaded in a surprising number of times by the eroticism and provocation.

After my previous series of portraits Ego ergo sum, which captured the moment before the mirror, these works are focus on social networks. I find tremendously interesting and relevalador in our society today that change of privacy for advertising, creating works on profile photos intimate or provocative attitudes, thus reflecting the change in the concept of privacy in the XXI century


Profile picture Victor . Oil on canvas. 80 x 80 cm. 2011


Profile picture Penny . Oil on canvas. 80 x 80 cm. 2011


Profile picture VerĂ³nica . Oil on canvas. 80 x 80 cm. 2011


Profile picture Iris . Oil on canvas. 130 x 130 cm. 2011