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Recall drawing

Recall drawing. Pencil on paper. 2013

This series of works refers to the process of recovery and how the past may not be exactly as we remember it, that is, our idyllic conception of the past is unreliable. Each drawing is composed of three images of the same model with minor differences. I overlay these three drawings and I tear parts of them. In this way the total image is a coherent representation of a memory but by looking more closely the image is disjointed.

The memory of a complete experience consists of fragments of memories that are stored in different regions of the brain. Evoking, these bits of information are reunited from different parts thanks to hippocampus who recompose stored memories.

In this recovery the brain reinterprets and modifies the memory, so the more times is remembered most is the difference between the original and the current memory.


Recall drawing. Pencil on paper. Detail. 2013


Recall drawing. Pencil on paper. Detail. 2013