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Substitution. 70 x 50 cm. Work produced in MAC during the artist in residency program.

The human brain has two mechanisms of defense against trauma or negative memories. These mechanisms are the suppression and substitution. Suppression interrupts the recovery of memories, and substitution replaces unpleasant events with others which are more enjoyable.

In this piece I started from two puzzles based on two well-known works of Art History. One traumatic, "Five death" from the series "Death and disaster" and the other "A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte".


I deleted traumatic parts from Warhol's image and I changed it for fragments of Seurat's work. Thereby, the recumbent bodies crushed by the car are replaced by reclining figures and the trail of blood is replaced by the river of the Grande Jatte. However, the pieces of the puzzles are not the same size so to make them fit I cut and modified both until they could fit properly. The result is imperfect, full of little mistakes that with the naked eye works, but with deeper observation clearly shows errors in the system.